Children's Entitlement Fund (C.E.F.)


Child and Family Services - Children's Entitlement FundThe Children's Entitlement Fund [CEF] was established by employees of the Ford Motor Company on behalf of Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc., State Office [CFSM] in 1984. Since that time, many additional companies and individuals have made generous donations to support continued operation of the CEF. CFSM also conducts various fund-raising activities throughout the year that contribute to the fund. Your help is critically important in assuring the needs of Michigan's foster children do not go unmet.


Grants are awarded to meet special needs of children and youth in foster care, and may include requests for life-enriching care for educational, medical and recreational needs, as well as requests for life-sustaining care including expenses not covered by traditional sources such as insurance, public funding or local charities. The Children's Entitlement Fund is also available as an emergency fund to be utilized until other kinds of support can be established.


The Children's Entitlement Fund allows case workers to apply for grants to provide children and youth, who would otherwise be limited by financial barriers, access to activities that develop social leadership skills and self-esteem. Many of these children come into foster care with incredible abuse and/or neglect histories and feel isolated and unable to trust or love anyone. As foster families provide unconditional love and support, this fund allows children to become involved in opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them. Support provided through this fund helps contribute to the rebuilding of self-worth for these children, and helps them realize there are people who really do care about them.